Week 2 Featured Artist

This week my featured artist is more of a scrapper than a stamper. Without further ado here is a wonderful friend, Michelle M.

What inspires you? Stampin' Divas Stamp Club, my friend - Jennifer Ruhl, message boards and magazines. With the internet, there is endless access to art for inspiration.

What got you into your art? I actually was a "stamper" until a friend invited me to a scrapbooking class at her home. I fell in love with the scrapbooking. I started making books for my mother and mother-in-law after the birth of my daughter. It just kind of grew into altered art because I thought they would get tired of books - LOL!

Is there someplace special that you go to create your Art? I have my own scrapbook room that I share with my 6 year old daughter - she has named it "The Girls' Room". It is loaded to the gill, but I cannot find it in me to purge my supplies. My husband keeps threatening to move us into the basement where there is a lot more room. He doesn't understand the moisture factor - LOL!
Are you a morning or evening artist? I am not a morning person, so it is definitely at night (usually after everyone goes to bed).

Do you enjoy your art for yourself or do you give it away? I would say at least 50% of what I make is for gifts. When you factor in the circle journals I participate in, I'm sure that percentage is much higher. But I enjoy making gifts, so it is all good.

If there was one word to describe you, what would it be? Impulsive

What does your family think about your art? They really seem to like the altered items that I have given out, as well as my personal scrapbooks. I think that my husband realizes that it is probably what keeps me out of the insane asylum.

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Claudette said...

The work done by this artist is fantastic....love the way she did her clocks.