August Guest Artist

I want to feature a guest artist each week for the month of August. This week I have choosen a dear online friend who always has wonderful ideas and does outstanding work. For each artist I sent a questionaire for them to answer.

This week's artist is Claudette Slowik AKA Acelady
What inspires me?
Card challenges; they ignite the flame of creative juices inside me.

What got you into your art?
I always had an interest and dabbed in all forms of art.

Is there someplace special that you go to create your Art?
I have a room in my home devoted to rubber stamping and scrapbooking.

Are you a morning or evening artist?
Evening artist, but I do have the freedom being older and children grown to devote as much time as I want at anytime of the day.

Do you enjoy your art for yourself or do you give it away?
I enjoy giving it away, but I do hoard a bit.

If there was one word to describe you, what would it be?

What does your family think about your art.
My immediate family shows little interest, inless I push it on them and ask for their opinion.... and relatives think I'm creative.

Here are some samples of Acelady's work

Thanks for always inspiring me, I love all the talent you have and your willingness to share with other's. Please take a moment and visit Acelady's blog

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Vicki C said...

Thankyou for sharing Claudine's work , Dawn, it's very nice!