Recycling at it's best!!!!

(side view) handle
(side view)

(top view)

I needed somewhere and something to store my copic markers in and since I'm re-deoing my Stamp studio (pictures to come later). I took 7 cans that had vegatables in them and emptied the contents from the can's washed and dried them throughly and then covered over other one in brown bazzill cs and topped them off with the pink/brown butterfly paper from The Paper Studio and then every other one in just the butterfly paper. I then used my Crop-o-dile and punched holes in both sides of each can and attached a 3/16 eyelet into 2 cans to secure them to each other, after 6 cans were attached to each other to form a circle I then inserted a 7th can in the middle to make it more steady. I attached some decorative eyelets to 2 sides and used a piece of wire to form the handle. (nothing fancy about the handle, I thought about adding beads but then decided to go with the plain and simple look.)

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