Finally finshed here is my stamping room

Cubes purchased at Target and then I used two Closet Made Shelves from Home depot to put in between to hold my Cricut and Cuttlebug, Sizzix and Sidekick. And various other things. I still need to paint the room but that will be later on when it warms up outside and I can open my windows.

Punch Cart purchased at Wal-Mart in the kitchen Aisle, this is by far all the punches I have some are in the bottom right drawers of the cubes.

Small Cubicles purchased ages ago from Target that have things that I don't know where to keep right now, so this is the perfect place for those things.

I love how two file cabinets make my desk seem enourmous and it gives me much needed space for all the paperwork that I have to wade through sometimes.

I have enough closet space in this room to keep all 3 of my iris carts filled with stamps together, although you can't see this in the picture on the shelf above the iris carts I have all my markers. pens, pencils, xyron and laminator and a few other things.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a glimpse into my new stamp studio. Now for a card that I made since you have been waiting so long.

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Claudette said...

oh my how organize....better not let my family see this :)
looks great Dawn,think I'll come over and stamp with you one day