DVD Tins

I made this DVD tin using the Fluffles the Cat from stampdenous, he is so cute! The PP is from American Crafts (Kinsella). The tins are relatively easy to decorate, since you are only covering the front and the back. For the jr legal pad you need to cut about 1 inch off the bottom in order for it to fit inside the tin, I took mine to the local elementary school and used their paper gillitine, since my mother is a county employee, I had access to it for free, but I'm sure any office supply store can cut them for you. On the left side of the tin when it is opened you can create a pocket for receipts or other small items, I still haven't gotten any pens to decorate to match, but they are cute to enclose especially if your giving it as a gift.

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Anonymous said...

I love that cat!! I have got to have him.

The cd box is so cute, I hope its one of our projects to make.